Thursday, September 3, 2009

Suite Dreams for Champagne Taste

Entrepreneurs. Gotta love them. I have loved them all my life. Risk-takers. Dreamers. Visionaries. Bringers of ideas. It certainly is not the easiest – being someone who has a dream and trying to keep it moving even during tough times. Life keeps moving, unfolding, presenting opportunities and depending on how we perceive these changes, we can continue to be mindful -- navigating as appropriate for us at the time.

I received a call from Andrea, the owner of Champagne Taste in South Park. Champagne Taste is one of my favorite boutiques in the world!! I love the fragrances, the feel of the store, the jewelry, the Italian dishes (to which I became quickly addicted), the beautiful and unusual scented candles – and the Walkabout Parties!! I have so many warm memories that are associated with this charming world that Andrea created for us.

After years of being in business, Champagne Taste may close its doors -- due to a lack of business. I'm sitting here wondering how in the world can that be possible? We love it there. I say this: if we all rally around the cause, put our energy and intentions into what is possible for Champagne Taste and remain open to amazing opportunities to flow – there are no limitations. That is what I am doing for Andrea and her shop – who were both there when I was grieving the passing of my closest friend and going through a marital separation. Those little candles and jewelry did more than wonders for my ability to move past those intense moments of sadness. Stop by and support this lovely establishment when you can.

Champagne Taste
2248 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 234-3585

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