Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An Impromptu Visit to Kapreeza

I am definitely a fan of self-love and giving to myself without reservation. I'll just say it: I can really enjoy glam!

Friday afternoon, I visited one of the lingerie boutiques downtown after hearing about a networking reception that had taken place there not too long ago. It is called Kapreeza and it's located in Little Italy. They sell high-end lingerie, swimwear and really lovely bridal lingerie. I have never seen a selection of the exquisite pieces of swimwear and lingerie that Kapreeza offers. The owner, Renata, explained how she spends quality time with each customer and feels that American women deserve fashionable and unique lingerie that is not only beautiful and sexy but comfortable. I agree with that! She said many women feel like they have to forego highly attractive pieces for function. Not so. Kapreeza offers magnificent imported lingerie for women of all sizes and ages and will spend the time with you to achieve the perfect fit.

Renata and I also agreed that it is not necessary to be in a relationship to look and feel good for oneself. Eating well and nourishing the body temple, taking excellent care of oneself, thinking positively about oneself, dressing to impress oneself, and, if one desires, attracting those who can honor her inner and outer radiance can be key to a joy-filled life that will open doors to the types of mutually satisfying relationships that a goddess deserves. Go ahead ... treat yourself ... just because YOU want to.

2400 Kettner Boulevard
San Diego, CA

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