Monday, January 29, 2018

The Beauty of a Run and Find

I use my workouts not only as a place to prepare or cultivate mental conditioning and physical strength but also to explore ideas, thoughts and be more receptive to information that wants to flow.

I often get creative ideas when running in particular. Today, there was a theme that had a pressing need to be expressed while I was out on the open trail. The theme today was complete and total self-acceptance. Acceptance of all aspects of myself, my perspective, my life and everything in it -- now as it is. This does not mean I am not working towards goals or modifications but as I see it in this moment, to simply honor myself and the moment now (regardless of what the world, television or outside environment may say to the contrary). Learning how to relax even more and to push forward -- both have helped me to go even deeper into an awareness that becomes increasingly clear and useful over time.

There are so many images I encounter throughout the day -- images which remind, situations that are thought-provoking. Whether running or walking, there are so many opportunities to be reminded of what matters and ways of making a difference and being a contributor in one way or another.

Gratitude. I feel so thankful for the fruit that running provides in my life -- particularly on a creative and mental level. My running time offers a tremendous way of working with myself and, if you choose to share the time with others, it offers a beautiful way of sharing quality time together.

Balance and Stress Management. I have found that energy work (such as Reiki, Yuen Method, acupuncture, and meditation) can be incredibly powerful in support of healing the mind/body and for personal growth, transformation and to manage stress. Check out this online Reiki healing music video. I have used this type instrumental music while I work, to relax and during meditation. You can even play them while you sleep and wake up inspired and feeling like new money!

Take good care of YOU. #RunandFind

Brigitte Taylor

Friday, January 5, 2018

Suite Brigitte Updates: Week of 01.05.2018


This week I checked out Everbowl a healthy fast food option which incorporates superfoods loaded with berries, acai, kale and a variety of flavors and colors for your eating pleasure. They believe eating well should be "delicious, filling and it should be easy" and I agree.

Everbowl is all about going back to basics in a way that makes it effortless to eat well -- a fast food joint that replaces the plate of over-cooked, fried and processed foods, with a variety of delicious plant-based options. This works so well -- particularly if you are on the go and want a quick and healthy meal or want to learn from them how to do this at home for yourself and/or family. If you're spending time on the road or sending a loved one off to school these meals can become part of a healthful daily routine by using ingredients that you can easily find at your farmers market and grocery store.

They allow you to create your own smoothies, bowls and salads choosing from a variety of ingredients such as bananas, mango, pineapple, acai, kiwi, cinnamon, blueberries, almond butter and many others.

I had the Quinoa-Kale Blast which has quinoa, kale, roasted almonds, pomegranate with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. I chose to have it without the raisins. I noticed several menu options were on the sweeter side. You can easily modify by adding a savory olive oil or more lemon (or even cayenne pepper).

The bowls are served in reusable containers which make it quick to use them for a salad, Buddha bowl or acai creation of your own making. I feel the urge to be a little more creative in my simple salad creations, too, after the salad I enjoyed at Everbowl. I really loved the quinoa and the lemon dressing together -- yum!

Everbowl's multiple locations include several in San Diego county (Poway, San Marcos, Los Penasquitos and the website says they are expending into San Diego's South Bay (Bonita) and Temecula as well). I'd love to see them expand across the United States! Check them out if you're in San Diego or visiting. Everbowl will make it work the stop and inspire you to continue on your health-driven path (at home, on the road and beyond).

Brigitte Taylor

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Suite Updates: #OnwardandUpward

Onward and Upward. I painted "Eclipsin" (acrylic on canvas) on August 21, 2017 and it was inspired by
"The Great American Eclipse" -- total solar eclipse that occurred this summer. I have been motivated to paint more and to dedicate time for my own creative expression using acrylics, pens, paper, found things -- art. The more I express in these ways, the easier it is to be aware -- noticing what needs attention and what does not; to absorb and sometimes transmute the details while savoring possibilities within the present moment.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Onward + Upward: Massive Creativity with Kerry Ray

I had the pleasure of meeting artist Kerry Ray of Crystal and Leaf at a San Diego healing event and was so impressed with her creations that I was inspired to write about her work. Her booth was filled with sparkling fairy houses and doors (like door in the palm above); radiant jewelry and many other gifts which she says are portals or gateways to the promotion of abundant living. I could not wait to talk to her as I was immediately intrigued by the unique creations; the beauty of her intentions which I immediately felt through her unique "fairy world."

Speaking with Kerry, I learned how much she valued her creative life and being open to her "own uniqueness" and she puts it -- as well as bringing forth authentic expression through all that she does. Not only does she create beautiful fairy houses and jewelry, she also models in the nude for art students; she is a laughter coach/energy guide; she is a wife and the mother to a five year old daughter who is her greatest inspiration.

SB: Tell me more about what inspires your creativity.

KR: There is a natural desire for me to be a creative master in every walk of life: be it cooking, making jewelry, being outside in nature, planning a party, get together, or craft of some sort. I am inspired by nature and all of its wonderful colors and the softness in the energy that nature can create. I am also inspired by sparkles, baubles of any kind really. It reminds me of the light that each one of us has within us to be the best version of the greatest vision we’ve ever held about who we are and can become.

SB: What conditions have given way to some of your greatest insights?

KR: A lot of things but mostly the birth of my daughter. She has taught me to love in a way I never could have imagined on my own. Sure, I’ve had a divorce and had loss in my life which taught me to be strong but to love -- to love is a much more challenging thing. Loving requires you to be present in every moment and to be vulnerable and share your truth in that moment no matter the outcome. My daughter has given me great insight into my deep capacity to love and be loving without needing to receive anything in return. That insight trickles into other areas of my life where I can learn to be loving with everyone.

SB: What tools do you use to motivate yourself when you feel challenged?

KR: I have always felt an inner calling to be what I am uniquely. And that has taken many forms over the years. It usually shows up in the way of spirituality and how energy moves for me. In my years of training in energy work and life in general, I see things as an opportunity for growth or as my mentor used to say “as an opportunity to graduate.” So, I welcome things that are a challenge because my attitude and how I relate to a challenge in a positive way can be the difference between hanging onto a trauma or letting it go.

SB: What tools do you recommend for staying centered?

KR: Definitely nature to bring you the present moment. A balanced diet that is low in carbs and sugar (I’m still working on this life long process), high vibrational music or music that just really makes you feel good. Last but not least, a positive attitude. A positive attitude can completely turn you around. I believe we have a choice to be positive or decide how we are going to feel about or react to something. If we can’t get there easily then there is something there to clear.

SB: If you create while listening to music, what music do you enjoy?

KR: I love music that doesn’t contain any words. Words in music can help when you’re moving through something difficult or want to experience what someone else might be feeling from their perspective. But for me, it keeps you in your mind which is not where I want to be anymore. I’ve spent years graduating from the mind. In other words, I don’t let it control me anymore.

SB: Who are your favorite authors?

KR: Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God is what really peaked my interest after my divorce from my first husband, the death of my sister and the illness of my twin. At that point in time, I really wanted to know why all of these terrible things were happening. I decided at that moment and after reading all of Neale’s books, that I would no longer choose to act like a victim. Future experiences or at least how I’d react to them were up to me.

Kerry lives an inspired life of her design in Oceanside, California. Check out her art at

Brigitte Taylor

Monday, July 21, 2014

Suite Updates: Suite Manifestations ~ Workshops and Retreats

We are happy to support you in implementation of programs and personal growth through workshops and activities!

We believe that celebration of the self creates greater room for celebration of all. #CelebrateYOU

Phone: 619.852.5773


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Suite Brigitte Updates: "Perspectives & Voices" ~ Knox Middle School in San Diego, CA

"You must be the change we wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Ghandi

We invited some of our community friends to participate in a year-end environmental and health event at the campus of Knox Middle School in San Diego, CA on July 11, 2014. During an afternoon, over eighty middle school students were able to participate in a beautiful yoga experience presented by Jerome Gross and hear the positive affirmations presented during the class.

Jerome Gross and I have worked together for several years in community settings and on youth programs. I have attended his yoga classes and found that they were so beneficial, I was eager to share these experiences with friends, family, colleagues and the wider community. I have witnessed the transformation that can occur on campuses and in event settings when we have presented the yoga and Jerome has even taught students in the sixth grade to present yoga to the community.

The San Diego River Valley Conservancy (SDRVC) provided great materials on the environment as well as activities to engage the students. SDRVC is a non-profit organization "to implement the San Dieguito River Park and its Coast to Crest Trail stretching 70 miles from Volcan Mountain near Julian to the ocean between Del Mar and Solana Beach."

The San Diego Chapter of Table for 2 was onsite and spreading the word about their efforts to tackles the opposing issues of malnutrition and obesity. Students were able to learn about the food choice options locally as well as how their local efforts can benefit and impact the world around them.

Circulate San Diego is a grassroots nonprofit "dedicated to advancing mobility and making the region a better place to live, work, learn, and play." They shared their work which supports communities by helping to create more walkable and bikeable neighborhoods. Their interaction with students provided information on how those choices can be made and encouraged greater awareness and critical thoughts around use of space.

H20 Trash Patrol was onsite demonstrating their use of the stand up paddleboard to clean up "hard to reach" places in and around the water. Their work is of benefit to all -- the environment, public safety and health, and anyone utilizing nearby water.

We love being involved in local neighborhoods and will be creating more opportunities youth and community involvement. If you would like more information or to get involved, please contact

Many thanks to all of the nonprofits that supported this afternoon of education, healthy choices and fun. Special thanks to Ms. Margarita Bacigalupo and the staff of Knox Middle School for hosting this program. We look forward to more opportunities at the community level.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Suite Brigitte Updates: "Perspectives & Voices" ~ Blooming Orchid Wellness Center in Detroit

For several years, it has been my dream to travel with my work to various American cities. I imagined working on the road; planning events and working on various neighborhood initiatives; meeting new people and savoring new experiences in each location.

This year, my dreams have come true in many ways. I have been working with others in great cities such as Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia; Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia and recently, Detroit, Michigan.

One of the many reasons I chose Detroit, is that I have believed it to be a great and rich city with a lot of potential and so much to offer. I have always seen Detroit as an amazing canvas that is awaiting innovation, ideas and people who are interested in co-creating long term goals for the success of the city as a whole. The great architecture and churches have always fascinated me; the art and entrepreneurial spirit in the face of financial hardships have been absolutely mind blowing. The financial pressures that the city has faced also encouraged my interest to visit in my role as an Energy Practitioner/Wellness professional and to connect with other entrepreneurial agents of change with respect to public health and neighborhood support.

I collaborated with Laura Montalto, a massage therapist and owner of Blooming Orchid Wellness Center in the neighborhood of Corktown (very close to downtown Detroit). On the first day of my arrival, we held an energy healing reception in which I offered energy work and it turned into a highly charged creativity session.

Instead of focusing on negative media imagery or perceptions of negativity in general, we had a very candid discussion about some of the challenges as well as revelations which opened our minds for the possibilities of the people of Detroit -- the businesses, the residents as well as our dreams and our desires to generate positive conditions for everyone. We were all truly inspired and elevated – so that we took a 4 mile walk after our late afternoon event to check out the downtown area.

According to Laura, "Detroit is a city where all our main industries are gone. Many of our jobs have been outsourced so finding a job with benefits poses quite a challenge." She said several times that Detroit is not very walkable or bikeable. I walked around town during my entire visit (mainly downtown and arts district) and I believe the city has great potential for more biking, walking, running and responsive to need the public transportation demands.

Laura also noticed the changes around attitudes toward health and healing: "I see a big change in the city as more people are turning to the healing arts instead of reaching out to their doctors. Many more gyms/yoga studios and martial arts schools are opening up around the city. Before you had to travel to the suburbs to find these services. The progression here is slow but is steadily happening." While Laura stated challenges that many business face such as high insurance rates; lack of public transportation and crime, she also acknowledged:

"The great thing about this city though is it takes dedication and absolute love for not only our city, but our state. The revitalization of Detroit is essential for the health and wellbeing of the future of Michigan. Detroiters are fighters we lose our jobs well then we just create new ones, we open businesses in a decaying city because we believe in our city and through all the constant uphill battles we just keep pushing through."

After our energy work together, the group decided that they were going to create an empowerment program; that they would use poetry as well as their healing gifts to re-shape their future. In the weeks after my visit, we have continued to discuss other areas of concern to us as humans, as business owners and as women who care about neighborhoods. I will be sharing more of that discussion with Laura through this blog and I also intend to share other perspectives and voices that I encounter in other cities. I look forward to many conversations and actions that we will take as a result of experiencing different cities and insights offered by those who appreciate and support their neighborhoods -- residents and businesses.

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