Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inspired by Greatness

Everyone loves the winners when they're winning. I am loving the way we can appreciate those who are moving toward a goal in the midst of challenges and still willing to stand firm, believing, knowing, trusting and acting consistently on the vision they have received for their lives. They may not be feeling like "winners" at this stage but guess what, you better believe they are. The witnessing of the creative process, the witnessing of the artistic process and of the entrepreneurial spirit of others is deeply intense -- so moving and gratifying. Regardless of where the person may be in their journey, it is so inspiring and wonderful to encounter these visionaries as they bring forth their deepest desires. I want them to know how powerful it is for those who are observing -- for those who are witnessing the beauty of their courage on their respective paths. We are all winners. We are all great. We are all powerful and capable of creating wondrous worlds of our design! You are in the midst of it -- making it happen and sometimes it does not feel like the best day of your life, but you are moving more energy than you know and inspiring people with your ability to stay true to yourself. How cool is that?

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