Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet! SWEET INDULGENCE for December 20, 2012!

SWEET INDULGENCE at Voyou Wine Bar on Thursday, December 20, 2012, 6:00 p.m.

The holiday season is upon us and, I must admit, I am excited about it! I am drawn to the creations of the local artisans and this month presents several opportunities for you to support them at various shows. I will be updating pretty regularly in the weeks to come. I know you will find the work of these artists and business owners to be of exceptional quality and value.

Holly B Designs is a La Mesa-based jewelry company run by Holly Beck. We have worked together on numerous occasions and she will be a featured designer at the holiday edition of SWEET INDULGENCE at the French-themed wine bar, Voyou, on December 20th.

Holly B Designs are classy, very feminine and often created with healing stones. I have worn the necklaces and earrings since 2011 and I am always pleased with the way I feel while wearing this jewelry as well as how the designs easily compliment various clothing styles.

In addition Seasons Botanicals will offer beautifully scented hand-made soap and healing essential oil blends. These combinations make superior and unique gifts for all occasions. You will definitely want to catch the talk we will have on the use of these oils and their amazing healing qualities.

Sweet Indulgence kicks off at Voyou at 6:00 p.m. for mingling, checking out the wonderful happy hour specials and offers all sorts of handcrafted delights for your shopping pleasure.

Questions? Please feel free to email

Voyou Wine Bar
3696 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

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