Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New! Design It Yourself iPhone Skin Just Released by Magno Designs!

San Diego entrepreneur, Robert Magno, just released his third Kickstarter project this week: the Design It Yourself iPhone skin. This recycled product is available for your support -- just in time for the holidays!

It is always amazing to me to see what people can do with their creative vision, drive and energy. I met Robert through the festival production work that we have done together since 2004. Since that time, we have collaborated on various festivals and I had no idea that he had an interest in designing.

Click here to check out his project: MAGNO DESIGNS.

Magno says he intends to make The Design-It-Yourself iPhone Skin "for everyone looking for an affordable way to customize their iPhones. They will be available in black, white, or natural, and ready for your artwork." In addition, he says the other iPhone skins are generally made out of plastic and so he wants to recreate something ecologically friendly and sustainable. The new iPhone Skin is constructed of cardboard materials and is 100 percent recyclable (although they may contain post consumer content or have recycled materials). From the iPhone skins themselves, to the packaging, and shipping envelopes -- even the adhesives are recycled.

I am wishing the best for the DIY iPhone Skin and hoping that you will take a look at this project and support these designs and entrepreneurship in general. Robert has always been very supportive of other entrepreneurs, nonprofits and community efforts and it is great to see all of that positive energy radiating back to him by way of acknowledgment and kudos for his fine efforts.

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