Thursday, December 23, 2010

There Is Magic In Every Day!

The year is coming to an end and I am taking the time to bring closure to projects, reflect, pause and give thanks for all that has occurred and all that is occurring. It is a time of abundance as we create, expand and receive the blessings that are constantly available and pouring forth with this new year!

As Christmas and holidays quickly approach, I am in deep gratitude for the friendships that I have established as well as the individual empowerment and community efforts to which so many are committed across the globe. As we plant our seeds and trust, we often know that things are underway even when we do not see immediate results or a complete plan.

I have been working on a few writing projects this year. One of them is the book, There's Magic In Every Day which was co-written by Chase Steele Greye and me. This book honors the beauty of our power as creative manifestors on this planet and the willingness to go for a dream. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to be able to work on a project like this with someone as creative, visionary and risk-taking as Chase.

The book is available and for sale online and I hope you will pick up a copy and share it with your friends and family. Completing this book has only given me more fuel that I will inject into other areas of my artistic life. I intend to use some of the proceeds to assist in the work that I intend to do in Africa with refugees communities.

What are you working on? What are you creating? Well, I am here with you, giving thanks for the vision that you are receiving, even before you may see it materialize.

What I have heard many say, really is true: anything is possible!

Best wishes to you always and Happy New Year.


Kimmy Artis said...

Hey there Brigitte,
I really like your blog and i am inspired by it. There so many things i want to work on and accomplish, but i am having trouble balancing. I have ideas for 2 graphic novels (one is fully written out in revision stage). ideas for 2 comics. i would like to start a blog ( have no knowledge on html coding). would like to publish a book of poetry and start making and selling handmade plush. As an artist my mind is constantly full and fear has held me back for tooo long. I dont know where to start with it all and i keep finding myself getting no where...any suggestions?

Suite Brigitte said...

Kimmy, thank you for taking the time to read this blog and to respond. I think it comes down to focusing on one thing and developing the project with a concentrated effort. Everyone works differently but I definitely feel that when you pick any of these projects and commit to it, you'll move in the direction that you desire. I was reading a blog today which makes so much sense to me: I've assisted people to become more focused through use of energy work and they soared. I am excited for you and know that you are creating your dream daily.