Monday, December 20, 2010

Now Offering Creativity Coaching by Appointment in North Park

I am currently offering Creativity Coaching and Mini-Energetic Empowerment sessions using the Yuen Method (non-physical energy work) to assist in creative endeavors, life transitions (such as relationships and career); manifesting goals; move through fears and mental obstacles while holding space with you as you create the life of your design. I will also show people easy ways to become more peaceful using meditative techniques. Please email me at or give me a call at 619.852.5773 to schedule an appointment.

One of the key components to making various transitions in my life was having someone who could hold the space of my vision and/or help me to have a vision when I felt as though I needed to gain clarity and focus. I often went to bookstores at lunch time or after work seeking inspiration and greater understanding. I do believe we always find what we seek. It is my goal to be there especially during these times for people, regardless of the situation.

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