Thursday, September 27, 2012

New: Zir Yab Products Introduced at Ocean Beach Farmers Market!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time by the beach and at the Ocean Beach Farmer's Market in San Diego.  I had ridden my bike this time and as usual, it was another biking adventure.

I found another biking path near San Diego State University that I had never used and also found a new product that has been recently introduced by Ocean Beach resident, Brenda McFarlane.  Brenda's new product is Zir Yab's Body Brew natural personal products which includes an all natural and pure deodorant as well as one of the most amazing Rose Water combinations I have tried.

It is always inspirational to meet innovators and designers in this community who are expressing their creativity and addressing needs in healthy and powerful ways.  I tried the rose water which was beautiful and will check out this new product as well.  Now, if I can find some cuter biking clothes for women, I will feel even more ready for these biking adventures that I am planning for the rest of the the year.

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