Friday, October 9, 2009

Self-Love + Loving Other + Loving Nature = Environmental Activism

Friday, October 9th at 3:00 p.m.: Wellness Fair for Female Veterans at Balboa Park.
This program will be addressing various issues that impact women's health and wellbeing through various types of healing. Some of the issues include mental/physical/psychological/
emotional health; domestic violence, various types of abuse, sexual assault -- all of which, to me, are not separate from all the other environmental issues that people are frequently passionate about.

Rape and misogyny are actually major issues among not only military women but women in general. I wonder: What can we do on an ongoing basis to address these concerns -- beyond Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month?In addition, after hearing more and more about gang issues in this community (San Diego) I am feeling like more needs to be done to work with people involved in gang culture.

What can be done to beyond community policiing and putting people in jail since this really has not proven to be a solution? I think a good start would be to address the unmet needs in our educational system. I do not see a separation between environmental awareness and sustainability and the need to address the reasons why people get involved with gangs and how this and other types of violence are impacting communities and the planet.

With regard to gangs, I have been looking at:

1. How do we help someone get out of a gang and provide a strong supportive network once they get out;

2. How do we help someone feel like they have everything they need without having to go into a gang in the first place (especially since the person's entire family might have been or still be in a gang);

3. How do we assist people of all ages and races to feel more empowered in their own communities?

I do not think storm drains or trash pick ups are top priorities to people when they are fearing for life in their neighborhoods. Can you imagine what it must be like to feel as if it is not safe for you to sit in your living room or front yard or walk down your own street because of a fear of getting shot?

Thinking positive and being optimistic. I like all this (meditating, being centered and everything) but I still feel like it important to be aware of the above and for me, at least, to use this "energy" to address some of what I mentioned above.

What is your experience? What are you envisioning as solutions? I am interested in your thoughts.

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