Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tina Broughton Launches Adopt A Grandparent Campaign to Support Aging Population


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Covington, GA -- January 28, 2014 -- Tina Broughton, an independent Beauty Consultant, is a positive force in the community and works with others to support inner/outer beauty and wellness. For ten years, she has worked in customer service for a local pharmaceutical company that provides medical supplies to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Tina’s visits to these facilities demonstrated the elders’ need for greater companionship, attention and ignited her passion for service to the elderly community.

Tina’s new venture, “Adopt A Grandparent” was inspired by her visits to local facilities draws attention to the growing needs of this population. She believes that ways to support the elders include delivery of service and products to promote health, joy, laughter and gifts such as body and skincare. “I want to be able to visit the elders, spend the time and encourage others to do the same while offering things like hand treatments and gifts of compassion. If people do not have time to make the visits, we are coordinating with service providers to make it easier for people to make a difference in the lives of others. We intend to serve our elders all year long – on various occasions, such as birthdays, Grandparents Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and beyond,” says Broughton.

Support these acts of kindness by donating $20.00 to provide hand/foot care treatments in nursing homes by visiting:

About Tina Broughton: Based in Georgia since 2006, Tina Broughton offers clientele beauty consulting services.

Contact: Tina Broughton, 404-226-1173; email:

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