Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Power of Art: Improving Emotional and Spiritual Health.

I am recalling the promises I made to remember the people who are living in hospitals and not able to go outside, be with their families and friends -- the people who may be alone. I remember how difficult it was for me being hospitalized as a child and how wonderful it was to have visitors, even if they could only stay for short periods of time. When I found out about Sharp Hospital's art program, it really spoke to me as it uses art in various forms to assist patients.
The Power of Art: Improving Emotional and Spiritual Health. Arts for Healing is a program in which patients are able to minimize stress, increase comfort and elevate their spirits through sharing activities that are developed to meet their needs and challenges. Sharp's HealthCare Spiritual Care team guides volunteers to support patients by creating together using a variety of art forms including music, drama and creative writing as part of the healing process.
You can support the program through making a gift to the Sharp HealthCare Foundation: www.sharp.com/foundation.

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