Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Artist Alex Andrade to paint live at Red's Gallery, January 26, 2012

Artist ALEX ANDRADE will paint live at Red's Espresso Gallery, Thursday, January 26th.

About Alex: I moved to San Diego to go to San Diego State a year after graduating from Palmdale High School. (Palmdale is North/East of L.A.)

A lot of my of relatives on my dad's side (including my sister and brother) are artistically inclined and are teachers or professors, but ironically, none of them are art teachers. That's where I fit in as my intention is to teach art.

My artistic influences?: The band, TOOL. I listen to them a lot when I'm painting. Alex Gray, who happened to do cover for TOOL's Lateralus. Wow, there's so many artist to chose from: Leonardo for his genius; Van Gogh for his enraged passion; Goldsworthy for his medium -- the environment; Banksy for his gutsy-ness; Rothko for making me feel sublime when I saw one of his pieces for the first time. I guess I could go on and on in this manner.

I have never painted live before. I expect there's going to be a creative energy that permeates through everyone when they come to these events (live music and art shows).

Red's Espresso Gallery is located at 1017 Rosecrans Street, San Diego (in Point Loma). Starts at 7:00 p.m. Also featured during this gathering of live music and art at Red's is musician JUSTIN WERNER performing and local handcraft designers.

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