Saturday, November 12, 2011

Irradio to Perform at The Soda Bar with Sleep Lady and Gran Sasso, Friday, November 18.

After seeing Irradio for the first time at the Casbah during Labor Day Weekend, I am very excited and enthusiastic to see them perform again. Sleep Lady is also one of my favorite bands and it will be great to see this line up with the addition of Gran Sasso (whom I have not seen before). Tickets are on sale now at

I am grateful to know about these local bands such as Irradio that are making such a positive impact through sound vibrations, words and intentions.

I r R A d i o

When your band has two lead guitarists, it's a safe bet you're going to attract more metal heads than mopers. When the members of Irradio were asked to describe their music, singer/guitarist Dan Dasher - the only member to survive all Irradio incarnations - said "blues-punk," Formed in 1999, Irradio recorded 2002's Semantic Noise at Sweet Sound Studios, and 2004's Make-Up for the Inaugurated, with Ben Moore (Hot Snakes, Rocket from the Crypt) at Signature Sound. The Sexy Wolf demos were released in 2006 on Lola Records. Their music has appeared on the Discovery Channel's Urban Explorers; Tony hawks '08 Loop Challenge, Afro-punk’s 2010 release of “Let’s get free,” and on compilation CDs (Insound, Magnet, and Amp). Irradio has shared the bill with some of today’s amazing artist: Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Saul Williams, Living Colour, and Black Heart Procession, also adding promising inroads through Canada, U.S. and Mexico early in the bands life.

After a 2006 split, Irradio announced it was reforming in late 2008. Front man Dan Dasher chose to finish writing the songs that became Irradio's third album. New comers Steven Welker (Sax) and the driving Bass lines of Rick Blare catapulted the band to a new sound. In 2009, Irradio released I Am the Horn, on local Blind spot Records (Staring at the Sun, etc.), and produced by Mitch Wilson (No Knife). It won Best Rock Album at the 2009 San Diego Music Awards. That year also noted the first time the band was invited to perform at SXSW on a bill that showcased new emerging artist sponsored by

With a history of music guided by current events and travel irradio is taking their sound to a new level that represents the power of freedom in 2011.

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